Browser Extensions

Custom Browser Extensions: Elevate Your Browser Functionalities

Web browsers today are full of new features enabling users to do things that have never been imagined before. Private data storage and tabbed browsing are a two of the breakthrough innovations in this domain. However, add-ons and extension developments are way more impactful and enriching for the users, expanding their browser functionalities to virtually unlimited levels.

As a custom software developer, I offer the following add-ons and extensions:

IE add-on development: This is wrong descriptiton. Just write something general like in Browser extensions development section or merge this sections,  Language used for IE addons – C++.

Browser Extension Development: A browser extension development helps extend a web browser’s functionality. It could be either in the form of an add-on or a plug-in and is developed using CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Browser extensions are created to improve the web browser’s interface without upsetting its content.

Custom Firefox extension: As for creating custom Firefox extensions, a dearth of material is available to its developers. While they are usually created using JavaScript and XUL, extensions that are complex in nature may require creating C++ components additionally so as to provide greater functionality.

Custom Chrome extension: Adding extend functionality to Chrome browsers, custom Chrome extensions can be created without altering the native code. A combination of HTML, JavaScript and CSS is used to create Chrome extensions.

Need to upgrade or improve your browser’s utility? Looking for custom web browser extension development? Get in touch with me for the various ways you can customize your browsers for better user interface experiences. You can also give me a call at +7-913-9084443 or ping me on Skype at dziknsk.