Browser Toolbars

Gain the Edge for Your Business through Browser Toolbars

Imagine the advantage your business can possess if it can have a permanent place on your customer’s desktop? Custom browser toolbar development helps you provide your customers a direct access to your web pages, sections of web-pages, products or services. When opting for browser toolbar development, your business can benefit in more ways than one, which includes:

  • Access to your web pages at a the click of a button
  • Lasting presence on your user’s browser
  • Imparting your business a edge in an innovative and unique way
  • User retention is greatly improved
  • Helps create a lingering brand impression
  • Ease of usability where searches do not need to be conducted to find out about products
  • Users are easily updated on product developments and launches
  • Affordable branding feature

Browser toolbars help you gain a competitive edge over your competitors and go a long way in creating a superior impression of your company. Its development can be in the form of buttons or drop down menus which will help users access your website easily.

Why choose me?

I bring along with me a good 7 years of experience in custom extension and toolbars development which include various businesses. I have access to a wide range of tools that help me develop browser toolbars that are feature rich and can be customized to various extents. I have even worked on developing IE toolbars with features such as Auto-fill online forms, Popup Blocker, Auto Appear, Install and Uninstall Server Reporting, Auto Update, etc.

Looking for feature rich customized toolbars for your business? Get in touch with me for tailored and affordable solutions to take your business to the next level with browser toolbar development. Call at +7-913-9084443 or mail me: